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D.E.M.O.N SQL Database Installer is an Un-SQL(SQL means boring here) Database server installer for many types of Database :MySQL, FireBird, SQLite and others.

It is based on my old version (D.E.M.O.N MySQL Tweaker  "")



  • MySQL                                      |version 5.5.25
  • FireBird                                     |version 2.5.1
  • Oracle Berkeley DB                   |version 11gR2(


           1. UnSQL for MySQL:

                * X86 & x64 Version will choose to install automatically based on target OS.

                * Many install options for developer, easy to set.

                * Just One DLL & Small size !

           2. UnSQL for FireBird:

                * X86 & x64 Version will choose to install automatically based on target OS.

                * Many install options for developer, easy to set.

                * One click Install/Uninstall/Start/Stop

                * Just One DLL !

           3. UnSQL for Berkeley DB:

                 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Documents(How to use):



In many months ago, I started to write an ERP project, I thought mysql database maybe a good choice for an individual developer or small companies.

I don't think my customers can install mysql server by themselves easily. And it may caused some unpredictable problems, not only the path error , but the server is not running error.

So I make this project (a dll can easily merge in your project) happen.

After add this reference in your project, you can easily install a mysql server in the path which you want to.
And start it , stop it (for decrease the memory using) with just one call.

After the Mysql Tweaker started about half a year, some of the developers told me that they want to use another database, SQLite, NoSQL or Firebird.

So I decided to started a brand new project to make all these type of database into my project(Surely it will be split into different versions)

Have fun with it , have fun with databases!



If you have any problem or want to do same change, feel free to contact me

Facebook:     Raistlin Kpp
Google plus:  +Raistlin Kpp

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